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What’s the difference between an osteopath, physiotherapist and chiropractor? Who should you see for what?

This is a great question. Like most things the answer depends on who you ask.

Overall, this question might be less about who treats what – we (osteos, physios, chiros) all ‘treat’ many types of physical problems – but rather who gets you the best result, builds your confidence in your body’s resilience and function, and helps you be healthily independent – i.e. not reliant on treatment in order to function well. This is down to the individual clinician, it’s not totally specific to their profession.

When is Back Pain Serious?

98% of back pain isn’t serious

A lot of people end up in A&E when they experience acute back pain. However, less than 2% of people with back pain have serious underlying problems. And often the most excruciating back pain is due to nothing more sinister than muscle spasms; you can liken it to cramp – horrible but not dangerous.

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6 Ways to Improve Back Pain: things you may not know about Posture, Movement and Exercise

Misinformation about back pain is surprisingly common amongst the new patients who come into my clinic, and a large part of my role is re-educating them on what they understand to be good or bad for their body. So often people are in ‘protect mode’ because they’re nervous about doing damage: they haven’t realised how robust and adaptable we are. It’s incredibly rewarding when someone walks into clinic feeling helpless about their pain, and walks out with a totally different perspective and a lot more control over their issue. In this article I share 6 lesser known facts about back pain and how to address it. As always, if you have any questions about the post or anything else get in touch.
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Great article in The Times today… Exercise is Powerful Medicine

The Times published an article today: “Pilates not painkillers the best cure for backache”. Hopefully this will fast become common practice advice given by anyone helping those with back pain. Because we agree, there is no substitute for movement – it has been our philosophy for a while. Here are some quotes from the article and my take on things…

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