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Who Osteopathy can help

As an Osteopath, I regularly help patients in my West London clinic who have pain due to a variety of causes and conditions:

  • Persistent or chronic pain (non malignant)
  • Pain that hasn’t responded to surgery, injections or other interventions
  • Pain that has no obvious cause according to scans or tests
  • Neck and back pain, including disc problems
  • Pain due to degeneration
  • Sciatica
  • Joint problems (foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder)
  • Pre and post-operative care for musculoskeletal surgery
  • Soft tissue problems (ligament, muscle, tendon)
  • Problems associated with arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related pain (desk jobs, repetitive strain, manual roles)

Osteopathy Clinic in Notting Hill

The practice is within the Portobello Clinic, a private GP surgery on Raddington Road, off the Portobello Road (you do not have to be registered with the surgery to receive treatment from us).

It is a 5 minute walk from Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park underground stations, or a 15 minute walk/bus journey from Notting Hill underground station (No. 52/452 buses).

There is pay and display parking on Blagrove Road, adjacent to the clinic.

Osteopath Notting Hill Carry

Osteopath Carry Triggs Hodge

I’m an Osteopath based in Notting Hill, West London. I work from The Portobello Clinic in Notting Hill, and help people to recover from long and short term musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction, whether the result of injury or other factors, pre or post surgery.

I have a Masters Degree in Osteopathy and am a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, which is in-depth knowledge of human movement/bio-mechanics. I’m also trained in CFT (Cognitive Functional Therapy) which is the clinical application of the latest evidence in pain science and the nervous system to help people with chronic pain conditions. These skills, along with clinical experience, inform my commitment to improving patients’ understanding of their problem, how they can resolve symptoms, and regain confidence in movement and their ability to function well day-to-day, in work, play or at rest.

Kevin Mathers
Kevin Mathers
21:49 10 Jul 19
In my first consultation with Carry, it felt like my last hope after years of battling with lower back pain. I’d tried chiropractors, physio, acupuncture, sports massage, yoga, pilates and stretching. Whilst all brought some form of short term relief, my back pain appeared to be getting worse and was starting to restrict my day to day activities and make sitting at a desk all day difficult. I was impressed by Carry’s holistic approach and through a combination of techniques and advice on improving my strength/restoring function, she was able to get me back to an active and pain free lifestyle. Low back pain was something I thought about every day from the moment I woke up in the morning, but now it’s a minor ailment that crops up every now and then (and I have the tools to manage).More recently, I went to see Carry after being referred by a my GP with muscular headaches. Carry was keen to understand both the physical symptoms as well as any recent stress I was experiencing in my life. Again, I was back on track after some manipulation and prescribed exercises to get movement back in my spine. Now i’m running and back lifting weights in the gym. Carry is clearly very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work, yet has an ability to explain why your symptoms could be happening in a way that’s simple to understand. The advice she provides is practical and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is experiencing back pain.read more
Lucie-Colombe Chailan
Lucie-Colombe Chailan
09:52 12 Jun 19
I had a few appointments with Carry Triggs Hodge, the osteopath at the clinic, when my back and neck were very tense and painful. She uses a very holistic approach incorporating breathing and physical exercises as well as manipulation and was very helpful and lovely.
Coralie Etroy
Coralie Etroy
10:44 06 Jun 19
Excellent practice. Very convenient, friendly and great doctors available. Highly recommend this place.
08:46 16 Apr 19
Seeing Carry for my back and neck pains made a hell of a difference, helping me to understand and then be able to deal with something that I feared I may be stuck with for life!! Thank you Carry
daria capece
daria capece
14:08 03 Mar 19
I met Carry after 1 month I was experiencing severe back pain.She has been really helpful and supportive and I saw improvements after just the first appointment. Her approach is to treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. I am still following her comments and suggestions as they are really beneficial for both my body and my mind!read more
Oliver Crofton
Oliver Crofton
19:41 06 Feb 19
Carry is a rock solid clinician. With just two appointments, she was able to help me eliminate lower back pain that had lasted at least a year while also allowing me to then double the distance that I drive (the thing that had previously caused the pain). I will definitely go back to her if I struggle with back pain in future. I will always be indebted to her.read more
Hannah Steedman
Hannah Steedman
12:04 04 Feb 19
Carry has been amazing in treating my occasional rowing injuries in a way that both addressed the pain I was having, and supported me in continuing my training and racing program, most recently preparing me for a successful race at Pairs Head when I pulled my back a week out and definitely thought I would have to scratch.read more
Iris Harris
Iris Harris
19:03 28 Jan 19
This is the second time that Carry has helped me with just one treatment! Following some stressful events in my life and lack of sleep, one morning I woke up with an aching shoulder. The pain went all the way down to my right arm and fingers. After a week of using painkillers on and off I decided to seek Carry’s help again, remembering she once sorted out a similar problem. I am so glad I went to see her. Not only did she examine me properly and gave me some exercises to do at home, she really took her time to talk to me and to get to the bottom of the problem. I thought it was a trapped nerve but Carry explained to me that this is rarely the case. Most likely my muscle had tensed up and this could have happened due to stress. She asked me loads of questions and gave me really good tips and advice how to minimise the pressures in my life and recommended me meditation to help me to relax. I loved the fact that she was enquiring not just after my body but also my mental health and I felt very comfortable talking to her – she is a very good listener, has a kind and trustworthy manner and seemed to be very understanding. AND it worked again! In the evening I had a tingling sensation in my fingers, the following day the pain was worse (and I nearly started to despair) but from then on (I obviously did my exercises dutifully), my shoulder got better and better until the pain was gone completely. I cannot recommend her highly enough! And I am also grateful that she introduced me to mindfulness…read more
Lindsay Cammish
Lindsay Cammish
11:22 22 Jan 19
I went to see Carry when I was pregnant with my daughter and struggling with constant migraines and neck pain. She was absolutely amazing and her straight forward and honest approach was really refreshing after being told by doctors that I would just have to put up with the pain until I gave birth. I recommend her to everyone I know!read more
Nykeeta Tish
Nykeeta Tish
14:19 20 Jan 19
I saw Carry after 6 months of extreme neck and shoulder pain, during which I saw 4 other physios and an osteo consultant, none of whom were able to make any helpful difference. In just 1 session, Carry completely changed the way I thought about my condition, and gave logical and transformative advice. After 2 sessions I was on the road to recovery and planning a snowboarding holiday. Something I couldn't possibly have considered just a fortnight earlier. I highly recommend Carry if you need physiotherapy support. She's fantastic.read more
Stacey Lowe
Stacey Lowe
23:09 16 Jan 19
I turned up at Carry in October for an emergency appointment after I experienced such severe neck and back pain that I couldn’t sleep, sit or lie down. Her approach is remarkable and life changing for anyone with pain. Within days I was feeling so much better and have had virtually no pain since. Her goal is long term, pain free movement and that is so refreshingly different to other specialists in this area. I recommend her to everyone I know.read more
Maria Hammargren
Maria Hammargren
12:27 30 Jul 18
I started to see Carry after having problems with my back post delivery. After seeing a neurosurgeon and having a few MRI scans (which showed nothing), my physiotherapist recommended her after no change in my back pain (that came on during the morning hours) after ten or so sessions. Carry had quite a different approach where we actually spent the majority of the time together talking (I had three sessions). I felt that she really listened to my concerns, my worry and let me describe my problems in detail. We talked a lot about what pain is, how to manage it and why pain occurs. Understanding how the nervous system works and why my system went into 'high alert' helped me understand my pain and also accept it. Once I was no longer scared of the pain, I felt that it was much easier to deal with especially with the strategies that Carry taught me. After understanding how to break the cycle of pain my level of anxiousness was reduced and so was the pain. I'm now able to sleep through the night. I do recommend anyone with unexplained pain to see Carry as for me it was the only thing that helped!read more
Gregory Snell
Gregory Snell
10:42 27 Oct 17
Carry has an approach that is quite different to any previous treatment I have received and I am very pleased to say it is one that has worked really well for me. My long standing ailment now feels very much under-control - something for which I am very thankful. If you are struggling with an injury, I highly recommend Carry and suggest you get in touch.read more
Bahiya Maouelainin
Bahiya Maouelainin
15:56 07 Aug 17
Carry's holistic approach to physical care and her professionalism provided me with the help I desperately needed after hurting my back few weeks ago. Not only did she physically help with the pain she also explained to me in details the way our body expresses and deals with pain, which was an eye-opening experience. I highly recommend her and her clinic.read more
Kay MacGregor
Kay MacGregor
16:12 28 Jul 17
Working with Carry to heal my back pain has been a really refreshing experience. Having paid for endless weekly sessions with other practitioners, I was delighted to find that Carry offers a solution focused treatment approach. She really drilled down into the problem from the get go, and after only two sessions (and some homework!) I was already feeling extreme relief. And two more sessions later I can honestly say the pain has gone. Carry is full of energy and is passionate about practical healing solutions. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for long term benefits. Be prepared to do your homework!read more
Catherine Annis
Catherine Annis
12:54 09 Nov 16
Carry Hodge has been really helpful and supportive. She is thorough and creative, and takes time to treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. I continue to find her comments and suggestions beneficial, one year on. If you're looking for a proactive and intelligent therapist to help you find practical ways to work with your body, then don't hesitate to consult Carry.read more
Jennifer O'Boyle
Jennifer O'Boyle
11:42 10 Oct 16
I saw Carry due to long standing problems with my back that were being exacerbated by sport (rowing). She took a holistic approach to identify and treat the source(s) of my issues and also advised how I can help myself both when practising sport and with additional exercises to do in my own time to support and strengthen my back in day to day life. I have since been able to progress with my rowing and am largely pain free. I can recommend CTH Healthcare without hesitation.read more

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Osteopathy FAQ's

For more information about Osteopathy, please click the following frequently asked questions below:

What can an Osteopath treat?

I regularly help people with a variety of conditions and symptoms affecting the musculo-skeletal system (muscles-skeleton). This includes joint or muscular problems anywhere in the body, such as the neck or back, shoulders or hips, knees or ankles/feet. Treatment can also help with things like chronic pain, sports injuries, sciatica and headaches, and the effects of scoliosis and arthritis.

It is suitable for most people, including the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, people who do a lot of manual work, and office workers who sit a lot.

How do I treat patients?

Treatment often includes different approaches and techniques, including hands-on methods and strategies using specific movement patterns. Exactly what is done depends entirely on the individual and what is most appropriate and effective at that time. Treatment is as holistic as possible, meaning that it addresses the whole person in the context of their circumstances.

The focus is on getting you better quicker and helping you to become pain free without relying on endless treatment. Patient independence is extremely important for lasting results.

After treatment you should expect to feel informed about your body, understand the likely cause(s) of your problem(s), as well as what you can do you to alleviate your symptoms and avoid recurring issues. This is in addition to feeling relief from the symptoms you are seeking help with, wherever possible – response to treatment depends on each individual situation.

We’re constantly building and adding to our physical ‘autobiographies’; every body tells a story about how it got to where it is today… My goal is to provide real tangible change you can feel and results you can sustain into your future.

Your first session with an Osteopath

When you visit for the first time we’ll discuss the history of your current problem and any previous symptoms that you may or may not feel are related, as well as your medical, injury and movement history. We’ll also discuss your goals for the future and do an assessment. All of this initial information enables us to decide if you’re in the right place for the best help, or if you need to be referred for different investigations or other specialist help.

Assessment involves evaluating movement in different ways and might include how you walk, rotate, bend or squat. The current state of your joints and soft tissue will be palpated (felt/assessed by hand) to get as much information as possible. It depends on what you’re comfortable with and how much pain or discomfort you feel, we will always stay within ranges of movement that are pain free and that you can control.

How long is each session?

Appointments usually last around an hour. The aim of any appointment is to make sure treatment is effective and economical, looking for good results fast.

Some people respond to treatment quickly, for others it takes longer, and it may be beneficial to have a some consecutive treatments with regular re-evaluation of progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction and getting the expected results.

Is Osteopathy safe?

Osteopathy is statutorily regulated, so practitioners cannot call themselves an osteopath unless they have complete the 4-year training degree. When we first meet, I’ll take a detailed case history to understand what is appropriate for you according to your medical history, any medication, trauma or injuries you’ve sustained. I am trained to diagnose and identify ‘red flags’ which indicate if you need other investigations, or review by your GP or a different specialist. I’ll never do anything you’re uncomfortable with and will explain what we’re doing, every step of the way.

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need to be referred by your GP to see an osteopath because we are primary healthcare practitioners. However, if you have private health insurance, you may need to see your GP first (please contact me to find out if we work with your provider). If you are not sure if osteopathy is appropriate for you or if you have any questions at all, please contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction, whether that is with me or someone else.

Will my joints be ‘cracked’?

Osteopaths are trained in a variety of methods to address problems with muscles, ligaments, fascia, joints in all areas of the body. Joint manipulation, which can make a popping or cracking sound, may be a small part of this. It can be effective for short-term pain relief but there are other ways to get similar results, and it’s not a method I use as standard. To effectively treat a long-term issue other techniques are invariably needed to address whole body movement patterns as well as specific problem areas.

Will I have to undress?

It is recommend that you bring stretchy clothing, such as a vest/sports bra and leggings or/shorts. It’s much easier to provide effective treatment if movement is easy to analyse and joints and soft tissues are easy to assess by palpation (hands-on methods). Jeans and clothes made of non-stretchy material can hinder progress so what you wear is important. Bare feet are helpful as with any issue I’ll assess the whole body, including feet.


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